Google is building a built-in Ad blocker for Google Chrome

Google is building ad blocker for chrome

Google is working on developing a built-in ad blocker for Google Chrome web browser in these days. Some days ago it was told in a report that Google is launching its ad blocker for Google chrome in the coming days.

Google is such company that makes most of its revenue from the advertising. There is some bundle of third party software and extensions are available online that can be used for the ad blocking but they have some lack of features and sometimes it comes bad experience for the internet user.

There are many types of ads that are being used for online advertising such as pop-ups ads, auto-playing videos with sounds, banner ads and well known sticky ads that takes most of the screen and cause irritating for the user while doing his work.

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This can be a great step by Google to introducing its own ad-blocker that helps a user to negate the third party software or extensions that are being used by a number of peoples for ad blocking purpose.

This type of tool by Google may effects its own primary revenue but experts thinks that it would be a better option for the people that want to get rid of third-party ad blockers for a long time.

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