Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages Detail – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Mobilink jazz sms packages

Mobilink Jazz is the biggest cellular network in Pakistan that offers different SMS Packages on cheap rates among all the other networks in Pakistan. Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages are available for Mobilink Jazz network and can be used to send SMS on other networks. Using these affordable SMS Packages you can remain connected with your loved ones and make your time special with this.

In this post, you can find detailed information about Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offers that may help you to find your desired Package. After activation, you can use to send SMS on any other local network within Pakistan without any extra charges.

Types of Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages

There are three basic types of SMS packages. That are

  1. Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Packages.
  2. Mobilink Jazz Weekly SMS Packages.
  3. Mobilink Jazz Monthly SMS Packages.


Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Packages

1.Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Plus Package
Subscription Fee:2.38 (inclusive Tax)
Validity:1 Day
Subscription Code:*106*1#
Un-Subscription Code: *106*4#
Status String: *106*2#
Info String:*106*3#
2.Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Bundle
Subscription Fee:4.77 (inclusive Tax)
Validity:1 Day
Subscription Code:*101*1*01#
Un-Subscription Code:*101*4*01#
Status String:*101*2*01#
Info String:*101*3*01#
3.Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Bundle + WhatsApp Bundle
Subscription Fee:5.98 (inclusive Tax)
WhatsApp:10 MBs
Validity:1 Day
Subscription Code:*334#
Un-Subscription Code:*334*4#
Status String: *334*2#
Info String:*334*3#

Mobilink Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Subscription Fee:13.13 (inclusive Tax)
WhatsApp:25 MBs
Validity:7 Days
Subscription Code:*101*1*07#
Un-Subscription Code:*101*4*07#
Status String:*101*2*07#
Info String:101*3*07#

Mobilink Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Subscription Fee:47.79 (inclusive Tax)
Validity:30 Days
Subscription Code:*101*1*02#
Un-Subscription Code:*101*4*02#
Status String:*101*2*02#
Info String: *101*3*02#

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