Ten Well known Indian Universities Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Pakistani Hackers hacked India's websites

As you know there is a constant cyber war is going on between Indian and Pakistani hackers. Due to this cyber war, many official websites have been affected in Pakistan and across the border.

Recently Pakistani hackers hacked ten official websites of Indian universities including the indian institute of technology and Delhi University. This may be a response to Indian hackers who attacked Pakistan’s Railway Ministry website.

The text is seen on affected websites including slogans, “Pakistan Zindabad” and also included this “Just here to deliver my message to the people and government of India”. Another message was that “People in Kashmir have the right to live in peace”.

This is not the first time attack. There is a constant cyber war between both countries. Pakistani script kiddies hacked over 7000 websites of India. The situation is the same in the case of Pakistan. Many government and educational websites are under the radar of the Indian hackers also.

Let’s see how far this cyber war will go for. It seems there is no end of it in near future.

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